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Interior Design & Construction Brand

SAM Interior Decoration

Project Type

Rebranding Project

1 months


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

My Role

Branding designer



Brand Identity



SAM Interior Decoration is a Scandinavian style interior and construction brand. 

SAM Interior Decoration company needs to develop a recognizable brand that accurately reflects the essence of a design and interior construction company. In addition, the brand identity must embody the trends and design styles they pursue to help their business thrive in a challenging market.


The client needed to develop a brand identity to accomplish these objectives:

  • Establishing their presence in the interior design and construction industry.

  • Distinguishing their brand from strong competition in the area.

  • Redesigning the logo to be modern, sleek, and sturdy.

  • Repositioning their brand to attract higher-end clientele.

  • Utilizing colors in a Scandinavian and Industrial style.

  • Improving brand usability and readability.

My Role

I received a brief from SAM Interior Decoration company to present design ideas for their rebranding. I presented several concepts and logo sketches based on the client's summary. Ultimately, I obtained approval from the company's director on the concept and proceeded with refining the designs to complete the project. I took responsibility for creating the logo and brand identity for SAM Interior Decoration.


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Frame 155.png




  • Revamp, build, and develop a robust system to meet the maximum demand for human living space.

  • Develop the SAM Interior Decoration brand into a reputable and solidly professional furniture brand, creating absolute trust among consumers.

  • Expand and develop multiple distribution systems that are strong and more efficient.


  • Invest in comfort and emotions in living spaces. We are delighted to bring customers convenience and living experiences through innovative solutions and interior design techniques.

  • Help users create the most comfortable, modern, and convenient living spaces.

The company requires a simple, modern, and functional logo that encompasses the design and construction aspects. By utilizing a combination logo, we can provide the appropriate display capability for the company.

After researching the brand, competitive landscape, and current objectives of SAM Interior, we have identified the fundamental principles and directions for the brand identity. The look should be:

  • Constructional

  • Mature

  • Modern

Frame 155.png




The SAM Interior Decoration brand is crafted by combining a house icon with the brand name - SAM. The house icon represents the encompassing of interior elements found within a house while also reflecting the construction aspect of the brand, catering to businesses.

Final Logo

The musical note symbol is prominently featured in the logo to emphasize music as the core essence and spirit of the brand. Additionally, I combined this symbol with the letters "JM" to create the brand logo.

Color Palette

The client desired a golden color. To enhance contrast and visual impact, I added black and dark yellow as complementary colors. The brand's color palette will be minimalist, exuding a sense of calmness and maturity.

Group 2259.png



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