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Commercial & Entertainment Company

JM Entertainment


Project Type

Branding Project

2 months


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

My Role

Branding designer


High-fidelity prototype

About JM Entertainment


JM Entertainment is a commerce and entertainment company based in Vietnam, primarily operating in the music industry. It was founded by singer Jang Mi. With a mission to create music that leaves a deep impact on the audience and conveys positive and vibrant messages, JM Entertainment takes pride in delivering high-quality entertainment experiences. The company aims to enrich cultural and entertainment aspects of people's lives.




The client needs to create a brand identity to achieve the following objectives:

  • Differentiate the brand from trends in the industry.

  • Position the brand as music for the young adult demographic (from 25 years old).

  • Build a recognizable brand identity.

  • Produce a modern and versatile logo system that is suitable for both print and digital applications.

  • I was contacted by Jang Mi's company to undertake this project.

  • Brainstormed and presented multiple ideas by identifying and positioning the brand through research and understanding the client.

  • I took responsibility for the visuals and concepts throughout the entire project.

My Role


Group 2247.png


Based on the requirements and information provided by the client, I have come up with the following options for the brand materials:

  • Option 1: A rose icon (symbolizing the name Jang Mi, the founder of the brand) combined with the logo type "JM Entertainment”.

  • Option 2: The initials "JM" combined with the logo type "JM Entertainment”.

After researching the competitive landscape and the goals of Jang Mi Entertainment, I want the logo to be primarily simple, meaningful, and modern. The look should be:

  • Modern

  • Sophisticated

  • Mature

  • Musical

Group 2272.png

Concept Board

Group 2257.png

Mark exploration

I have used several icons related to music, rose playlist, sun (Jang Mi's fandom name), and lunar symbols... to be used for logo options.


Option Demo

I created several demo versions through the proposal file for clients to review and approve

options. After the options are approved, I will make further refinements to enhance the design.

Group 2259.png

Final Logo

The musical note symbol is prominently featured in the logo to emphasize music as the core essence and spirit of the brand. Additionally, I combined this symbol with the letters "JM" to create the brand logo.

Group 2259.png
Group 2259.png

Color Palette

The client desired a golden color. To enhance contrast and visual impact, I added black and dark yellow as complementary colors. The brand's color palette will be minimalist, exuding a sense of calmness and maturity.

Group 2259.png


Group 2259.png
Group 2259.png
Group 2259.png
Group 2259.png

Thank you for scrolling!

If you have an idea or project you want to discuss, feel free to contact me ~

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