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“INSERA- the story enternally goes on
Insects are such an amazing starting point for an art project.
The project keeps the lively life of insects and our love to them through times.

“Project by:
Bion Luchase, Han Huynh, Ha Khanh

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Back Ground Story.png
cụm layout 1.png

Also, inspired by the movie Inside Out.  

Key visual is also a combination of insect 

cocoon and memory core

Based on the shape and meaning from the original inspiration. wwe transformed them in geometric form

visualise as a geometric symbol


Towards a quiet space, feeling deep

but no less modern and luxurious. 

Create a space containing memories that are quiet and unique


Image of insect cocoon.

An outer shell. containing beautiful things inside.

It is also a protective layer of the essence that insects bring

Cụm layout 1.2.png
cụm layout 2.1.png
cụm layout 2.3.png
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