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I’m a visual designer with nearly 2 years of experience, specializing in graphic design and user interface. I’ve worked on branding and POD (Print On Demand) projects, and have experience in social media visual development. Currently, I am a senior student at the Architecture of University of Ho Chi Minh city and actively striving to enhance my UI/UX skills through studies at MindX Technology School. In addition to creating visually appealing designs, I prioritize the usability and effectiveness of each project to ensure customer satisfaction.


Hi there! I'm Bion

Digital Product


A website for providing information about insects. Create interactions and their stories to bring life closer to the human race.

Thirtyfour Renovation.png

Improving the website interface for home renovation services. Provide more service information and benefits to users.


JM Entertainment.png

JM Entertainment is a branding project for an entertainment company - where music is the main activity.

SAM Interior Decoration.png

SAM Interior Decoration - Brand Identity

Brand identity project for a construction and interior design company. The brand identity set is based on the style of the business towards.

Visual Design

Nciuty Stud.o.png

NCIUTY STUD.O - Social Media

As the founder, style and product oriented, I came up with ideas and assisted with the design. Give certain guidelines for the media posting system.

Big Babol.png

BigBabol - Commercial Poster

Visualize 2 special features of the product, to attract potential customers (parents of the children) and consumers (children, students).


Responsible for designing, illustrating to create printed product samples such as t-shirts, gift boxes, bags, or other products.

214 HOURS.png

214 HOURS Event - Creative Concept/ Visual

214 HOURS- Jaehyun Birthday Event is a project lasting one and a half months. Inspired and created ideas based on the love story of Lily and Snape in Harry Potter.


Let's work together !

If you have an idea or project you want to discuss, feel free to contact me ~

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